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Presumably you’ve seen these mats go by in numerous inside magazines and media stages.
These beni ouarain rugs mats are known for their geometric examples and incredible quality. The floor coverings are completely hand hitched in the Chart book Heaps of Morocco. Here, the needle workers utilize just the best and natural sheep fleece from the ‘Marmoucha’ sheep.
Back in the days, these rugs were utilized to shield the general population from the cool, as they utilized it as covers or as a cape. These days, the Beni Ouarain floor coverings are thought to be the most esteemed rugs from Morocco, trough its immortal appearance and astounding material.
Every mat is diverse as each example is recounting a novel story. A story told by the ladies of the Center Map book Mountains.
The floor coverings as a rule have a grayish/smooth shading and the moderate, uneven examples are generally dark, brown or dim.
Because of the way that a true Beni Ouarain mat is elusive nowadays, they are thought to be extremely uncommon and vintage. In this manner its relatively difficult to discover a cover without minor defects that give the mat additional character.
Beni Ouarain rugs floor coverings, a captivating woven artwork with the capacity to associate a bit of Moroccan history to our cutting edge, western and contemporary insides.
In Morocco, each rug tells the story of its creator.
beni ouarain rugs Berber Vintage/new rugs inspired by the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, This fabulous big Beniourain rug is hand-knotted by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains.
All our products are handmade and inspired by the cultural influences of the Kingdom of Morocco.
BENI OURAIN RUGS carpet is very versatile thanks to its simplistic and almost abstract design ,It will be distinct in almost any style of home from retro to traditional to modern.
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Beni ouarain rug brings into a home a centuries old tradition with it and different style of life.